Malcolm Denham

Web Developer

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Professional profile

I am a freelance web developer, who decided to take a hobby to another level and start creating websites for companies/small businesses.

I have taken an IT course at a college where I expanded my knowledge on HTML and CSS, as well as touching on graphics and programming within the IT course which allowed me to learn how to use photoshop to create designs then export theses designs as a webpage.

I strive to stay up to date with all the current technology as this gives me the ability to know about the latest projects and advancesthat are happening with internet browsers, internet enabled devices, which allows me to code the sites in a manor that they will work perfectly on all platforms and screen sizes.

Work experience

Nov 2012 - Present Web Design, Shop assistant, Part-Time

Web Design / It technician

  • I deal with the Internet Sales, such as eBay/Amazon and our own e-commerce site that I created. I manage the stock level of items/products in the store.
  • I also work in the retail store as a sale assistant, where I get to deal with the customers and help them come to a conclusion on what I think they should purchase.
2010 - 2011 ComputerCo

It technician

While at Computer Co I was fixing mutiple computers at the same time, I also took a consultation role in helping customers purchase computers that fit their requirements and needs. While we had to fix the computers, we were expected to answer the phone and deal with the customers remotely, this included helping fix issues remotely, dealing with problems that customers had with items they had purchased in store.

As well as the store jobs we also use offered a call out service, which I attended multiple houses to fix their computer or simply set up their computer.

Technical Skill

    My technical skills include a full knowledge of Microsoft Office package including Word, Excel, including all versions up to the latest 2013.

    I also have used the Adobe suite such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash, I have used these to help design and edit websites.

  • I have used many different operating systems, which include windows XP to Windows 8.1, OSX and Linux.
  • I have the ability to use HTML 5 to create a website, as well as maintaining them. I can also be given someones website and I will be able to help fix or edit it to the requirements that are needed for the client.


Skills Years Points
CSS 5 6
HTML 5 3 7
CSS3 3 7
JS 5 6
PHP 5 6
Photoshop 6 8
Dreamweaver 5 8
Flash 4 7
Office Package 14 9


2008- 2011

Shrewsbury College of arts and technology

While I was at college I studied 2 different courses. I studied a B-Tech level 2 First Dip Computing course, which I received a Distinction* in overall

This then gave me the confidence to progress onto the B-Tech National Diploma Level 3 Computing. The separate courses I studied within this course were:

  • Comms and Employment
  • Computer Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Database
  • Game Development
  • EDP
  • Web Design
  • Networking
  • E-Commerce

When I finished this course I received a Distinction for each of the subjects, and I achieved DDD overall for the course.


The grove school, market drayton

While at The Grove I studied the usual subjects but the main subject that I was interested in was Computing. I would spend my breaks and lunch times learning more about computing, and researching programs I was unfamiliar with to build my IT skills. I've always been a hands on person so enjoyed practical subjects such as Resistant Materials, Science and Computing.

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