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If you want to listen to True Gold radio this weekend while we are Broseley Festival 2016. We will be streaming the event throughout the day on the main stream.

You can find updates of what will be happening on our Twitter and Facebook.

The stream will be played on the main stream Saturday and Sunday

listen here

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We hope you enjoy the show and remember to follow and keep in touch with us on True Gold Radio's Facebook/Twitter

  • Rock and Bowl 2016

About Us

Your True Gold Radio presenters so far are:

Dr Love aka Jill Lockwood Davies 
Barry Davies 
Mike Smith
Malcolm Denham
Wayne Bennett
Lee Ralphy
Ozz Ozbourne

If you’re interested in presenting on true gold radio please contact Barry Davies or Mike Smith

Market Drayton’s very own radio station goes on air.


On February 9th at about 1 am market Drayton entered a new era, True Gold Radio Market Drayton’s very own radio station went on air with test transmissions. 


How it all started


Mike Smith admin and creator of the popular Drayton Crier Facebook page has spent his life both as a hobby and a job working within radio comms. Having wanted to run a radio station for years and having experimented in the past Mike met up with Barry Davies who was a well-known Drayton DJ.

Barry had taken the plunge and started a radio station. Having chatted to Mike about radio many times Barry kindly offered Mike the chance to take over some of the daytime programming to experiment and to see if Drayton was ready for an online radio station. Marrying Mike's Drayton Crier user base with a radio service seemed an almost perfect solution to both Barry's and Mike's hopes for their radio station in the future. The response has been amazing. 


Whilst the station runs 24/ 7 at the moment the various shows which are all test transmissions are inter dispersed with the auto DJ facility playing continuous music from the 60's 70's 80'90's and 2000, with a few from the 50's and todays charts. We currently have a number of presenters and DJ's but if you feel you have what it takes get in touch with Barry or Mike or any other the other DJs and who knows you could be on air next!


What’s next?


The station will be running local interest programs chat shows phone ins hopefully shows covering every genre of music from Country to pop. Broadcasting times will depend on the number of daytime presenters we are able to secure but you can rest assured that True Gold Radio associated with Drayton Crier will soon be officially on air and become Market Drayton’s own first community radio station.


Your involvement


True Gold Radio will only work with your involvement. If you are holding an event and would like us to attend , or if you have some information that you think we should know about from road closures  to bad weather  effects and interesting happenings within the town or the outlying communities please get in touch with us. Full details will soon be available when we start regular transmissions.


We look forward to providing a much needed community Radio service for Market Drayton and the surrounding communities.



How To Listen

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Listen Via the internet

There are many different methods of listening to our station. you can use your computer music player such as:

If you perfer using a web browser please click the Tunein icon


Using internet radio or even your TV

With internet radios all you need to do is

  1. 1) Select the region as United Kingdom
  2. 2) Scan through the United Kingdom stations
  3. 3) Choose True Gold Radio

If you wanted to listen via your TV it must be a smart tv or have a fire stick or chromecast plugged into it.

  1. 1) Download the Tunein app on the TV
  2. 2) Search for True Gold Radio
  3. 3) You will see two different True Gold Radio's the main one and the one used for outside broadcasts
  4. 4) Select the one you are after and enjoy

Listen on your mobile device

Using our offical app True Gold Radio

  1. 1) Search for True Gold Radio on your app store
  2. 2) Download and run the app
  3. 3) Press the play button near the top of the screen
  4. 4) Sit back and relax to our fantastic autoDJ or one of the very talented presenters.

If you wanted to listen via Tunein

  1. 1) Download the Tunein app on your app store
  2. 2) Search for True Gold Radio
  3. 3) You will see two different True Gold Radio's the main one and the one used for outside broadcasts
  4. 4) Select the one you are after and enjoy!



Our Presenters

Barry Davies

Founder / Presenter

Barry is a well known and liked DJ having been DJing over 30 years and entertaining at many wedding and other important functions he brings many his expertises and styles to the station.

Jill Davies

Finance Director

Jill bring a sense of stability to group, her finacial background enables her to provide the administrative and financal assistance we require. She also provides new ideas and makes amazing cakes as well as lovely cups of tea/coffee!

Mike Smith

Finance / IT Tech / Presenter

Mike is well known for creating the Drayton Crier. Mike always wanted to work on the priate radio ships of the 60s and through True Gold Radio has realised many of his dreams.

Malcolm Denham

IT Tech / Presenter

Malcolm is a bright young IT nerd! He provides our main IT Tech Support and keeps all the computers and IT systems running properly to enable the radio station to keep on air. He is also resonsible for the website.

Wacky Wayne


Wayne has been a DJ on a number of other radio stations, also being a DJ at many other events and functions. Wayne brings a bit of wackyness to the station with his own brand of radio show.

Lee Ralphy


Ozz Ozbourne




These are just a few of the people and companies that have/are helping True Gold Radio.

If you would like to sponsor us please get in touch with us. Either by phone or the contact form below.

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1 year old (on 9th Feb)

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