Welcome to the Little Drayton Village Hall Website

Thank you for dropping by we hope you enjoy your stay. The website will provide you with a brief history of the building and its many uses it has been put to over the years.

More importantly it will provide you with information on the recent Little Drayton Village hall Project which started around the end of July 2011 after a chat between users of the Drayton Crier Facebook page.



Building Description

The building was originally built to house a school, associated with Christ Church which is located on the opossite side of the road. The old school was constructed in the late 1850's and is of brick construction with sand stone embelishments around the windows.The property comprises of three large halls all accesable from a center entry point.and has kitchen facilites and toilets for both sexes and a disabled wc. The interiors of all three halls have impressive high valulted ceilings. The current owners are Shropshire Council. Tthe project group is despartly seeking funding with which to purchase the bulding or maybe enter into a lease. The group has many ideas on how to vastly improve the building and provide a much wanted facility for the little Drayton Community, which will provide additional community facilities not currrently provided by any of the existing community centres.